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Historic U. S. Route Travel Guides

It can be very challenging trying to follow a decommissioned U. S. Highway. In some cases, much of the roadway is still in existence, but the signage is either removed or changed to a different route. In other cases, the roadway has been bulldozed or completely abandoned in favor of a newer, more modern alignment. My mission here is to help the U. S. Route traveler to choose any historic U. S. Route and follow its 1956 pre-Interstate System alignment as closely as possible. Obviously, I have not personally taken all of these routes; therefore I cannot vouch for the condition of every single road on the travel guide. Please consult local information before following this guide. There are many, many segments of interstate service roads that once carried U. S. Highways and are in very poor condition. Eventually, I would like to see these segments improved by local and state transportation departments and restored to their former U. S. Route designation. Until then, we U. S. Route travelers will just have to bite the bullet and merge onto the interstate.