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Over the years, I have come across many wonderful resources that are useful in my study of America's historic highways. When I first started researching historic U. S. Routes, I bought a 1953 Rand McNally road atlas on Ebay and wore it out. Another treasured posession is a 1963 leather-bound Rand McNally atlas, which is a great glimpse into the early days of the Interstate System right before U. S. Routes started being decommissioned en masse. Robert V. Droz's now-defunct was also invaluable. You can still access it through Wayback Machine and I would recommend doing so if you're interested in historic U. S. Routes. It is chock full of data.

With the increase in information now available because of the internet, reseources have become almost limitless. The David Rumsey Map Collection is full of interesting historic highway maps, including a full atlas of 1920s Auto Trails, a full 1927 Rand McNally road atlas, a full 1939 Rand McNally road atlas and a full set of Shell Oil maps from 1949-1956. Wikipedia is another great resource with nearly a complete listing in every state of both current and former highways. US Ends is also an excellent site with a lot of information and old maps of the historic termini of every U. S. Route.

I have also created a turn by turn guide of directions which will be useful in following old U. S. Routes that have been decommissioned for years, as well as a city to city travel guide using the U. S. Highway system at its peak. It is my hope that these will be great resources for historic highway enthusiasts like myself.



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