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I have always been a roadgeek. I grew up on stories of summer vacations my mother used to take out west when she was growing up. Some of the best memories I have from my childhood are traveling to Pennsylvania with my grandparents, a road atlas in hand, watching for signs and being my grandpa's "navigator." Grandpa even taught me how to look for mile markers along the way. His teaching paid off once when I caught us going the wrong direction through Maryland one trip and got us turned around, even before I knew how to drive a car! Anyway, once I got my driver's license and a car, my love for the open road only grew.

As an adult, I took many a mountain journeys through the wilderness of Virginia and West Virginia in my 2002 Dodge Neon, grandmother in tow. We were quite the odd couple. We made a bargain back when gas was $1 a gallon: I would buy the gas and she would buy the food. Somehow I think I lost on that deal, but we always had a good time. I would also discover a love for the "back roads." We took mostly Interstates when I was growing up, so these U. S. routes were largely undiscovered territory for me. My first was on a trip to Florida in 2002. I got off I-95 just past Savannah and decided to drive U. S. 17 the rest of the way to Florida and I loved it! The quaint towns, open country and mostly two-lane highway made me feel as if I'd turned the clock back fifty years, and I was hooked.

Then, I began to realize that some U. S. routes were missing, and that led me to discover another great passion: the history of the U. S. Highway System. I began collecting old maps in order to piece together the mostly forgotten history of our nation's first transcontinental highway numbering system. Another resource I found crucial was Robert V. Droz's website us-highways.com, from which I collected some of the information in use here. What I want to create is a virtual-reality universe where all the U. S. Highways of 1956 (the year the Interstate System was created) are still alive and well. You see, the Interstate system was never intended to supplant the U. S. Route system and so, on this website, U. S. 66 still coexists with I-55 in Illinois, U. S. 21 still ventures into Ohio and U. S. 16 still has a leg on both shores of Lake Michigan.

That gives birth to this website. It is dedicated to the great highways of America both past and present (as well as future). It will be mostly dedicated to the forgotten past of the U. S. Highway System, though it will also include information on the Interstate Highway System as well as some State routes. You will also find some of my own personal proposals. There will be junction guides to help you judge distances along your route (even a decomissioned one), allowing you to virtually travel your chosen route while seeing all the signs that you would be able to see along your road trip, without even leaving the house! I am also planning a city-to-city travel guide of U. S. Routes between all of America's largest cities. It is my hope that this could one day be a great resource of information to people who just love road tripping or maybe just a fun hobby for me. Guess we'll find out!



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